About Us

We are a family run florist and flower farm providing local, sustainably grown, high quality flowers. We work from our home where we grow our flowers on our tiny farm. 
We are Tiffany and Mike Jones. I am the designer, artist, and farmer.  Mike is the engineering brain, heavy lifter, and head supporter. 

I (Tiffany) grew up in Orange County in an area surrounded by farms and fields of tomatoes, corn, strawberries, and flowers. With the support of my dad, who loved gardening, I got to grow my own flowers as a little girl. My favorite was a particularly beautiful peachy-colored gladiolus.

Flowers have always been my first love. A floral designer at 19, I went on to study Ornamental Horticulture and to get a degree in Landscape Architecture, giving me a more comprehensive understanding of flowers and plants. Over the years, my dad, ever the supporter of my interests, allowed me to design and redesign his gardens. It was an incredible opportunity to learn how plants and flowers grow and to refine my abilities as a designer.  

Eventually I got married and started a family. I designed flowers, yards, and even kitchens each time we moved. My daughter (who's favorite phrase these days is, "Of course you can, Mom,") grew up (too fast!) and went on to her own grand adventure. 

After our daughter went off to college we felt the emptiness of our too-large nest, it was time for a more simple lifestyle. So we downsized our lives and moved to a fixer on a lot over grown with weeds and debris and one giant tangelo tree. After a solid month of clearing and hauling, we discovered we had a yard with plenty of room for growing. Inspired by the giant tangelo (pictured in its recovered glory), we rescued fruit trees, and added avocados, berries and passion fruit to what we jokingly called “the farm”. Because I simply couldn't imagine life without them, flowers were of course included at our new home.

Once we were eating what we grew, we researched the best organic practices for our fruits and vegetables. We had so much success that I started doing the same for my flowers and haven't looked back. Now everything that goes into the ground or on a plant is completely organic. As a result, the health, vigor and quality of my flowers has improved dramatically. 

Now I sell flowers from our farm to a local wholesaler. Occasionally I have a surplus which folks purchase and pick up here.  Follow us at BlommaFlowerFarm on Instagram for notifications of the highest quality, freshest, flowers. 

I love this small business and tiny farm.


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